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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2012 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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the devil is in the town. i have us and to agree to a continuance so we can hammer out an agreement, because there are a lot of variables floating around, and they are not amenable to that. >> no agreement. gooif we are going to follow the process, the d.r. requester has had a chance to speak. we should now have died. >> i do have cards there. goo[list of names]
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>> hello, commissioners. thank you for listening to me. i believe i stand in front of you as a property manager representing the owners who are people who really care about his property. >> can you state your name for the record? >> eva. and the impact it will have on our tenants, regardless of the low rent they are paying. we have a 71-year-old who has been here, and he wants to be here, but he cannot. she is only paying $212, and she has been here 20 years. another one who has been here
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more than 45 years, this is their quality of life we are talking about. i have lived in unit 3, and i know what it feels like to live in this room. a common area is a major part of our living space. we traveled to the bathroom and showers. this is space we share, unlike most buildings when we just go through the hallway to leave or enter, so it is crucial that are building light wells, the ability to heat our common hallways is protected, up because most buildings do not have needed facilities in the hallway, and this is helping us -- do not have heated facilities in the hallway, and this allows us to move through our building without having to bulk up, and
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it allows for circulation into our bathroom and hallway, because we share a common area. as manager and owners, we understand and care about our tenants comfort, and we hope you feel the same way. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good evening. i have lived in the district about 32 years. i want to reiterate the requirement of 30 parking spaces here. -- the requirement that there be parking spaces here. it is packed with cars. there is no place to park throughout the day.
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we are going to be bringing additional cars in or parents driving children to orthodontists. because of the stress they are not going to want to take public transportation. they are going to be uncomfortable anyway. i think you can expect to have about 150 to 200 additional parking spaces during the day. you have that number of patients coming in, and you have the knowledge this is going to have an effect on parking in richmond. it will take away from the shopping center, and i think for this reason, i would like to have ityou reconsider the parkig
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space requirement. thank you. >> hi, my name is valencia, and i have lived there for two years. i live in union no. 2. as it is, the hallways have just announced air -- just enough air. it is ok. as this moves forward, it is going to be stuffy. there is going to be no circulation, and it will probably result in an old problem. the fact of his building of dental offices is going to have no parking underground or set up next to it. it does not make sense. it is already backing up down the street.
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there is going to be a lot of double parking. nobody takes awhthe bus. they all take cars. i might be ok. i am somewhat of a spring chicken. there are a lot of senior citizens, and i think this will cause problems for health and well-being. there are people who say, let's demolish windows and placed them here. i do not know why people do not seem to care. now this cannot be the only building in san francisco to build this office. do it somewhere else where it makes sense. that is all i have to say. good thank you. >> next speaker please. >> i live at 4330 geary blvd.
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i am on the third floor, and what i have been told from the building manager and what i have read about this is that construction will cut out almost all the sunlight in the hallways. it is already -- it is not start. during the afternoon it is bright and sunny, but if it was shut off, it would definitely cause of problem. it is cold. we live in san francisco, so it gets cold even during the summer, so that would be an additional problem, and getting down the hallway to get into the showers in the morning and what they are describing as a dungeon is what this place would turn into, so i have to say i do not think it is the best place for the construction of this building. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. i have been in the neighborhood for 48 years. i have been a prisoner of the church for a long time, and the project is almost across the street from the church, and it is next to the old convent. it is now the star home for homeless mothers with very little kids, so the lack of parking stresses me. it clearly violates the code, and the question is why are we not at of variants meeting instead of a discretionary meeting what little i know, that seems appropriate, but there was a waiver given by the zoning
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administrator on this for some fictional reasons such as no. 6. this is an ideal case and for promoting the general plan of san francisco, which encourages the use of bicycles, and you're all going to your dentist in a bicycle. at other meetings they have a actually said they have clients come across the bay, so i think it is a little fictional in what ever signing of the waiver that we did not go to a variants meeting -- variance meeting. his reason basically said who
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needs parking in the geary corridor, especially if a building that attracts 30 clients is being proposed now without one parking space being added? it is a fiction that people will walk or take the bike or the bus to go with their kid maybe to the dentist or the orthodontist, so it means a lot of cars coming to the neighborhood, grabbing every space available, what ever they can do, so when i talk about this project to people they say, how can that bee? it is a disaster to the safety of the neighborhood. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> good evening. i am part owner of 4028. i have been there for 49 years. i moved in in 1963. time is up? >> no >> i purchased part of 4020 eighth avenue. we had 25,000 for 50 vehicles. if we didn't have to meet that requirement, we would haven't footings. we wouldn't have overhead sprinklers. we wouldn't have elevator service, two stairwells and all the maintenance and pumping the water from the loast level up to the sewer which is above it. we would haven't to do that. therefore we were at much more
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of a disadvantage by virtue of the expense of that which it impacted of the price and the dues and everything else. the corner building is also newer and it has about 9,000 feet underground parking. if we didn't have parking at 402 8th avenue and they didn't have parking at 7th avenue, 4300, we would put about 50 or 60 cars back on the street for staff, not patients, just the staff and the principles of the office employing the staff. and i have yet to see someone come to the pediatrician on my floor or the obgyn or the podiatrist or the hand clinic on a bus. when i come out to dentist they're blocking the exit because they want to discharge
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and pick up their children and their patients. thank you. >> good evening, planning commissioners. my name is john curly. i'm a contracter and small developer. i'm here just to talk about the inconsistency of the planning code because i built a property at 763 6th avenue. and the requirements i had to meet, i had to meet a light well just to face into a bedroom -- actually the building -- i looked in the front stepped in three fight which i didn't know why it even required a light well. i was hoping today when i came here that i would gate continuance and work this out, but when i had to go through my project, i just don't know why they're not under the same rules. my dilemma, i was cut back from 40 feet to 30 feet. i tried to get a demolition to
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build five units. i was only allowed to put two units on it. i had to preserve the front building. then i put an addition on in the front building. and i was cut back on the bedrooms. i was able to put two bedrooms. so now i have two bedrooms and possibly a third bedroom on the bofment and the thing about it is, i provide parking -- i have three car parking in the front. i tried to get a fourth car but they didn't want that as well. the thing about it, it's the inconsistent sit. i provided skylightses in all my unit but i still had to come bly this light well going into a bedroom. also i want to say if i was able to build these five units i could have dropped the cost down. actually this project for some reason does have the same rules. i just want to come down here and point it -- still today i still cannot sell it because it
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costs too high. unfortunately, the way the current bank situation is it's just too hard for them to get financing. i'm just down here. you can give me your perfect example. thank you. >> i'm going to call a few more names. woodson, i think already spoke. willy eastman. chang ching. sherry matsa. william easeman. >> hi, my name is william easyman. i've been a customer in that area. there are cars i bring my car and sometimes pick up small parking lotses in the neighborhood which is very nice, but it's usually -- i usually have to wait as long as half an hour, 45 minutes before
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i could park my car. i had to wait for somebody else. and if i heard correctly that this building -- this new building is going to have about 400 people a day, maybe you could imagine 400 people in your neighborhood just like that with cars. maybe you can. i don't know. but then they say, ah, don't worry, doug, they don't need cars. what do they need? transportation. what? gary street. ah. 400 people on gary buses. sometimes i have -- if my car is in the shop and getting the transmission fixed or something, i've got to decide to go down the neighborhood
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anyway and taking the bus, have you ever taken the bus? you have. you know what it's like. sometimes there are hordes of people on there. do you get on? you might have to wait until the next bus and then if that -- that was full because it goes all the way downtown, you have to cut you downtown to catch -- make sure you get on it. otherwise you're totally screwed. and -- so -- and another thing is have you ever considered do go down to the neighborhoods and this is what i want to do. i'll put a four-story building in front of this place and block out a light and we don't need any cars and parking lots
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and all that. and then -- or you go down there and look at it and check it out for yourselves. maybe somebody will say the gerry bus is a winner. but do you take the bus? do you know? i -- you know, i just -- that's what i would do. i would actually check time-out neighborhood for myself because see -- because everything is second hand information. maybe you could get first hand information. thank you. >> thank you. if i've called your name come on up. david ramirez. david likorman. >> i'm david ramirez.
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and i was asked to talk about the light study. is there someone here to switch on -- >> i think we need the laptop. linda? >> so i wanted to try to give you -- >> if you can speak -- >> speak into the top microit would be -- mic, it would be better. >> my name is david ramirez. i was asked to produce a light study for the chows. and i want to give you -- that's a lot of the numbers which i think you've been given a bit of a feel for what this bming -- this proposed building would do to the light in the adjacent building. so this is basically a set of renderings over the years spaced at one-hour increments that show a split screen of the existing and the proposed
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configure yation. now, this is for the third floor hallway. and there's a substantial impact. but i want to switch now to the second floor. all right. so this is -- this is the second floor hallway which essentially is going to be dark the entire day.
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all right. all right. so she is asking me to explain that these renderings are based on historical light data for san francisco. the reason that the year jump around is because that tease actual data set that the government provides for these kind of studies. you also have an imagine of unit six. i -- image of unit six that you were given that has illuminate values so you could take at what the impact would be. that particular unit would be absolutely devastated by this proposed building. no.
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no. no. so one of the things that -- oh, sorry. >> we really need you to speak into the microphone and your time is still running. >> all right. so this is the image that you have a hard copy of. these are calculationly correct values for the ill william nats before and after -- illuminates before and after. >> i'm afraid that everyone gets three minutes. >> my name is sherry matsa. i think what jew joust heard
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and there was more information in your packet with the technical aspects of the light loss, it's my understanding that for example unit six would have a loss of 97%. so to me this translates into all of your very difficult deliberation about the humanism, the human impact for the people living in this building, many of whom you have heard of elderly paying a couple of hundred dollars a month. i work a lot in my volunteer capacity with the city and the state on issues dealing with people who are frail and elderly and have illnesses. and they are fewer and fewer places for them to live. this is a city that cares about people based on what we say our policies are. so i would hope that this case is looked at in that way.
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i certainly wouldn't want to live in a place like this that blocked my light when there are compromises that can be construed in this project. so i hope and trust that you will look at these and the issue of blocking light which comes down to quality of light that we all deserve would be considered. thank you very much. >> dear commissioner, i'm dorothy shaw. i'm going to do two translations for two gentlemen. and one is -- one of the tenants is not present here. and this is a -- i am retired
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81 years old. small fixed income. i'm locked to this year because i can't walk too far to carry grocery. i have applied for senior housing many times but there is a long wait on the list. i will likely end up here until the end of my life. so i will appreciate your protection of my lifestyle from being reduced. my room does not have ventilation and -- it's constant in my room i have to leave my door open often times to have cross ventilation of air from the light well. please save the light well in providing our need. air circulation and light. thank you. ok.
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this is layla chow. live at 4330 gerry boulevard, apartment 4. i'm very concerned about the privacy issue. there is already not enough light and ventilation in the building. my apartment is not bright enough. having a three-story building right next to my apartment will not provide privacy, no more light. i live in a high density avenue with a lot of stores, restaurants, walgreens and one supermarket. parking has been difficult for
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me. not having parking spaces in this high capacity also -- for their patients. staff is not acceptable to me. and i appreciate if the commissioner could come see into that. thank you. thank you. the next one is a tetant -- tenant. >> i found this unit, i call home san francisco at 433 gerry boulevard, apartment 4. thanks. my home has affordable price so i can stay here and live. i want to stay in the city.
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but when my last window is covered up, i will get no sunlight for my only place where i live. i can not pay much more somewhere else by moving. i now have hard job and keep me busy all times daily. so i cannot i cannot come to talk at the meeting so here is my words. thank you for your help. thank you. >> good evening. my name is tig. and i'm the owner of the massage which is located at 4328 gerr boulevard, next to the building that we are concerning about. and i have two main reasons regarding of the building that's going to be opening
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soon. one is the air that we need as well as the parking. first, the air, i think we probably can meet, you know, so much probably like a bigger fence to do a circulation through the business because what i've been told that our air would be reductions after the building is built because the wind travels from the ocean. yeah and with that our employee is going to have -- as well as the customers. because we have our own private one. and we need the air circulating in this room and we already did one doing the massage with all door closes and it feels really, really stuffy inside that. and our employee and customers feel like really uncomfortable to


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